hit counter script Below are some of the advantages of flat packaged products
Below are some of the advantages of flat packaged products.

Cost effective because;

for the manufacturer

Less processes, including assembly, means lower costs.

      Reduction in storage space etc.                             

           Less labour required for assembly

     Less storage space required

     Less costly manufacture

     Higher turnover because of above points


 for the consumer


    Less expensive to purchase  

     Easier to transport home

     Can be disassembled for house move/storage

     Feeling of personal accomplishment

     Easier to wrap for present giving

     More likely to be a stock item and so available

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*. This item doesn't come flat packed CLICK HERE

There are a vast range of products that can be purchased as flat packs and there are also lots of men (more than women ) who find it difficult to follow the instructions for assembling the parts of the artefact. Click on the links below pictures  for more information on the products shown..


       A small flat packed Acrylic CD Rack               A small flat packed Acrylic Display Shelf                          Nike's latest generation of foldable shoes.

     The Victorian three Facet is an elegant hexagonal shaped conservatory available in three stylish colours.  
This style of the conservatory gives a traditional look and is ideal for all types of houses and floor space. The Victorian three Facet is as functional as it is alluring and can add a sense of style to any building. 
Its sheer versatility and light airy nature makes it a room unlike any other in the house. 
             johnlewis.com : Pull Out Desk : Pull out desk on wheels with bookcase on each side, which fits under either high bed or cabin bed fr...

A flat packed bomb shelter                                             Flat packed conservatory                 3 drawer bedside cabinet               domino pull out desk




This one is my favourite.

FLAT PACK, large 200 litre capacity water butt featuring it's own integral stand.







other types of flat packed items.                                                                                                                            

office furniture and reception desks