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POP Rivets - How do you fasten something when you do not have access to the back of the item you are fastening to? Sometimes you just cannot reach, or it is hidden under machinery and simply unaccessible. This is the beauty of Blind Rivet POP® technology. "Blind Setting" allows for fastening from the front, and the POP® line of products has solved numerous industrial problems since it's creation. From the standard rivet, to threaded inserts and POP® Rivetools, explore POP® for your application today.






Dome Head Rivet

With its neat appearance and low profile, this is the most versatile and most commonly specified head style. The dome head has twice the diameter of the rivet body, providing enough bearing surface to retain all but extremely soft or brittle materials. Available in a very wide range of materials.



4.8*12 Rivet     


The low-profile dome head is appropriate for most applications.

Large Flange Rivet

Large Flange POP brand rivets have twice the under-head bearing surfaces of comparable dome head rivets and are designed for applications where soft or brittle materials must be assembled to a rigid backing material.


Large Flange Rivets



However, when soft or brittle materials are fastened to a rigid backing member, the large flange head should be considered, because it offers twice the bearing. surface.

Countersunk Rivet

This head design is specified wherever a flush surface is required. Available in a variety of sizes and materials.


 Rivet dimensions 


Where a flush surface is required, the countersunk head style should be selected.