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Polystyrene is a very versatile thermoplastic which can be


injection moulded

 vacuum formed

or extruded.





In its purest form it is a clear hard and brittle plastic. Through the addition of other polymers its properties can be transformed into general purpose (GPPS) polystyrene through to high impact polystyrene (HIPS). This blending improves the impact resistance but results in a decrease  in tensile strength and transparency. It also burns readily.  Polystyrene are attacked by many solvents such as dry cleaning agents, greases, oxidizing acids and some oils. Detergents can lead to cracking at stress points. Expanded polystyrene commonly known as foam is a useful packaging and insulation material.

 Polystyrene Products  ttp://www.dow.com/styron/feature/appliances.htm


Open Refrigerator

Remote Control


Toy Car

Petri dish





From refrigerators and air conditioners, to portable appliances such as hand-held vacuum cleaners, polystyrene resins meet almost all end-product requirements for appearance and functionality.  Easy-processing polystyrene is a cost-effective option for injection-molding, extrusion and thermoforming applications.


. In home entertainment,  polystyrene resins are helping designers replace box-like shapes with sleek, stylish curves. Polystyrene also continues to be the leading choice for media enclosures, from cassette tape housings to tough, clear jewel boxes to protect CDs and DVDs.



Because of their superior quality and functional performance, STYRON general-purpose polystyrene resins (GPPS) and STYRON high-impact polystyrene resins (HIPS) are widely used in numerous toy and other consumer good applications. . With superior clarity and processability and outstanding post-sterilization aesthetics,  polystyrene resins meet  material needs for a wide range of disposable medical applications, including tissue culture trays, test tubes, petri dishes, diagnostic components, and housing for test kits.

Polystyrene and the Environment

Many people hold the view that polystyrene packaging has harmful and damaging effects on the environment. This perception is totally untrue. In fact, quite the opposite scenario is the case as polystyrene is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

No CFC’s are used when manufacturing polystyrene and none are present in the finished product. This means that the finite ozone layer will not be under threat from harmful gases in the atmosphere.

When the polystyrene has served the purpose for which it was originally designed, it can then undergo recycling and be put to use elsewhere.

When used in landfill sites it does not emit unpleasant odours or harmful gases. It is also not eaten by rodents and so therefore does not attract vermin.

It can also be used in conjunction with peat to enhance soil after undergoing recycling into small chips.

During its life cycle, polystyrene can have many different uses and can be adapted for new purposes.

For theses reasons, polystyrene can be viewed as a form of packaging which is not only friendly towards the environment but has the versatility to allow for its use in a wide variety of areas.

Polystyrene Cups, Containers
& Plastic Cartons and Lids


polystyrene cups and lids

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All Polystyrene Cups are suitable for HOT or COLD drinks. Lids to fit all sizes including straw cut.

We stock a wide range of Polystyrene Cups sizes range from 7oz - 20oz with lids to fit. We can also order in any other size you may require.

Polystyrene Containers
All Polystyrene Containers are suitable for HOT or COLD foods. All containers have lids to fit.

We stock a wide range of Polystyrene Containers sizes range from 2oz - 20oz with lids to fit. We can also order in any other size you may require.

Plastic Cartons and Lids

All cartons are made from durable white plastic, all of which are suitable to be posted in combination with our poly postal packs.

Sizes Range From :
5oz Plain Tall & Squat, plus lids to fit
8oz Plain Tall & Squat, plus lids to fit
We can also order cartons of various sizes from 2oz to 20oz

Printed Labels can be made to your own design, either for the lid or to go around the carton itself. Please follow the link to Printing to see what we can do for you.

Clotted & Double Cream Cartons

Made exactly like our plain cartons but Printed with 'Clotted' or 'Double Cream' suitable for posting using our poly postal packs.http://www.isca-bags.com


plastic cartons and lids