Nylon ( Polyamide ) PA)

General-purpose Nylon  has good toughness,  strength, and resistance to creep, particularly in the high-temperature range.  Nylon has excellent wear properties, It is waxy and offers low friction, and good chemical resistance. It is available in many forms including discs, bars, rods, sheets and rings.


Nylon can be Cast,  cold drawn ,  Injection Moulded or Extruded (  http://www.me.gatech.edu/jonathan.colton/me4210/extrusion.wmv )


Nylon is a hygroscopic (absorbs moisture) material.  Prolonged exposure to moisture reduces the strength, stiffness, impact strength, and energy absorbing characteristics of nylon.  Nylon is a translucent off-white color.


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                              Nylatron® material from Cadillac Plastic (Troy, MI) is an alternative to metal gears.

The nylon material works better than metal in some applications because of the reduced friction and inertia linked with the bending of thermoplastic gear teeth. Impact, heat and abrasion resistant.






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Nylon Headcollar




Nylon Headcollars


A hardwearing double thickness nylon headcollar featuring ; brass coloured fittings and a fully  adjustable headpiece and noseband.





Nylon is one of the strongest of the synthetic fibers used in rope manufacturing and is considered a "miracle" synthetic fiber. Nylon is an excellent, high quality rope with wonderful elasticity. It is far superior to Manila Rope in percentage of elongation. Nylon is more than twice as strong as Manila Rope of the same size. Its abrasive resistance is good. Nylon is ideal for use as bow-to-stern towing hawsers; surge lines; mountain climbing ropes; safety lines; lariat ropes; boat falls; drop hammer ropes; target tow ropes; fishing ropes; and industrial slings.