Modelling is extremely important in your coursework and also features in your theory examination. You might be asked for reasons for modelling or to compare computer modelling with physical modelling. Read the question and if it asks you to compare, give advantages of each, not just for modelling in general


The reasons for modelling are to see if the product looks right, works right, to show it to clients, bankers or consumers. Write in full sentences such as “Models can be shown to bankers when seeking finance”. Do not just write “bankers”


The advantage of physical modelling is that you can hold the model and show it to people without there having to be a computer present. It could be quicker and cheaper sometimes, no capital equipment required


The advantage of computer modelling is that you can quickly make several versions, you can save it without it getting damaged or taking up physical space, and you can easily email it to clients


Example of Modelling questions are 1999 Paper 3 question 1(b) and 2001 Paper 3 questions 2(a) and 2(b)