Melamine (triamino-triazine)

Melamine (C3N6H6) is a kind of thermosetting plastic, normally in powder form. Melting Point: <482 F (<250 C). It is heat resistant, hard, durable and flame retardant. (releases nitrogen when burned) It does not soften or melt on heating.



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Melamine formaldehyde (MF) materials give mouldings with a superior surface performance to UF materials. Their excellent stain resistance and low formaldehyde extraction properties make them suitable for food contact applications such as table and kitchenware, whilst their greater heat resistance makes then ideal for such items as ashtrays.


The compression moulding process allows the production of large mouldings with good surface appearance, low distortion and excellent stability with an economically priced raw material. Press costs are low and tooling relatively simple.


However, the injection moulding process has its limitations with mouldings being more prone to flow lines, distortion and cracking at elevated temperatures than the corresponding compression moulded components. Consequently the urea materials are best suited for the moulding of the many smaller, less critical components.


Melamine is a non toxic thermosetting material that has good properties of Abrasion, Chemical and Impact Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Moldability, Surface Finish and Thermal Stability. It also has high Heat Resistance, Strength, Clarity and gloss. It has the distinction of being an electrical insulator, flame retardant, moisture resistant, low to no odour and water absorption, low shrinkage and oil resistance.


Often used to create hard, glossy surfaces which are durable and hardwearing such as kitchen worktops and tabletops, and for furniture, laminated flooring and wall coverings.

Melamine based acoustic foam is an open cell foam, possessing a combination of low weight, excellent fire resistance and good sound absorption qualities.

Melamine faced chipboard

melamine acoustic foam

Melamine Acoustic Foam


Domestic Products

low pressure melamine

Laminate flooring

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Melamine Barrier film.


Health & Safety


Melamine products are stable, non-hazardous and non-toxic.