Health and safety (H&S)


There are two types of H&S questions. There are those which concern workers making the product and those which concern the users of the product, especially children


Making the product can injure eyes and fingers. Burns from glue guns or hot glue and catching clothing in rotating machinery could be other sources of injury. Sensible behaviour can reduce the risk and items like eye goggles, (not googles), can be worn. Girls can tie back hair and boys can tuck in their ties. Workpieces must be securely fixed to the drill or other table using a holding fixture . ( RISK ASSESSMENT )


For users of the product, the most usual injury is splinters from wooden toys, or pinching in moving joints, or the toxicity of the paint. Remedies are to remove splinters with sand paper and to put stops in moving joints to prevent them closing completely. Paint should be lead free and suitable for use by children


Examples of H&S questions are 2001 Paper 3 question 5(b) and 2002 Paper 3 question 1(c)(i)