Mortice & Tenon


DCP00488.jpg (10054 bytes)

Mark out 'face side' & 'face edges'.

Letter the corners to be joined.

Transfer width of wood onto inside edge (top piece of wood in photograph).

Select the mortice chisel which is approx. one third the thickness of the wood.

Set motice guage spurs to the width of the mortice chisel and transfer marks on the two edges and across the end.

DCP00490.jpg (16123 bytes)

DCP00491.jpg (11937 bytes)

Mark out the haunch (2/3rds from end of tenon, 2/3rds of the width of the wood).


Mark out mortice using marking gauge and try square.

Saw out both sides of tenon using a tenon saw keeping to the waste side of the line.

DCP00492.jpg (17517 bytes)

DCP00493.jpg (17559 bytes)

Saw out hauch before removing sides of tenon.

Haunch of tenon removed.

Cutout1.gif (46319 bytes)

DCP00496.jpg (10828 bytes)

Side of tenon with cheek removed.

Chisel out mortice using a mortice chisel. Keep the flat edge outermost towards the ends of the wood.

Notice the use of masking tape to indicate when the chisel is at the required depth (2/3rds width of wood).

DCP00497.jpg (18259 bytes)

DCP00498.jpg (16384 bytes) Turn the chisel around and work outwards from the centre.

Saw out haunch from mortice.

Cutout3.gif (52541 bytes)

DCP00502.jpg (15478 bytes)

Chisel out haunch from mortice.

Final joint disassembled.

DCP00503.jpg (11306 bytes)

dcp00504.jpg (10970 bytes)

Final joint assembled.