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The Recycle Works is launching an exclusive new product:-

The 'Rainmate®' - 'The Flat Pack' water butt that comes in a box!

'Rainmate®' will be available from Mid - May 2005

·  It is a low cost, FLAT PACK, large 200 litre capacity water butt featuring it's own integral stand.

·  A childproof lid with leaf grill, and tap.

·  The lid allows it to be used with a down pipe, without the need to cut a hole and it is designed to catch and collect falling rain! (If located in the open)

·  A standard down-pipe rain diverter can also be used.

·  It's unique design packs into a slim box for easy handling.

·  Uses little retail and storage space.

·  Ideal for mail order businesses.

·  Box size approx. 160 mm x 510 mm x 1130 mm

·  Produced in sturdy plastic it is simply clips together - no tools required.

·  Assembles to 500 mm diameter and 1130 mm high including the stand.

·  Recommended Retail Price only £44.99.

·  Watering can not included.


                                                            assembly instructions                             photographs