Ergonomics and anthropometrics


The main reasons why people lose marks in this type of question is that they donít know what the words mean


Ergonomics comes from the Greek words ergon, (meaning work) and nomia, (meaning management). The meaning of the combined word is the study of work and the means of doing it efficiently. Or, more specifically, when related to design, it means making sure the designed product fits the human user so that it can be used safely and efficiently


Anthropometrics comes from anthropo, (human), metrics, (measurement), literally measurement of the human body. Usually there are tables giving the average sizes of parts of the body for little girls of various ages, with similar tables for grownup women, boys and grown up men, so designers know how big to make things


Examples of Ergonomics and anthropometrics questions are 1998 Paper 4 question 2(d), 1999 Paper 4 question 3(b)(ii) and 2000 Paper 4 question 1(b)