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What is CAM Advantages Of CAM Disadvantages of CAM
CAM stands for Computer Assisted Manufacture.

CAM machines normally work in conjunction with CAD programs. The CAD designs are converted into a series of instructions that dictate movement of the cutting tool in the X, Y and Z direction. This set of instructions is often referred to as G Codes.

CNC machines are also computer controlled but there is human intervention programmed into the machine to make it more efficient.  (rather than just the CAD design converted to Code)



Because the manufacturing process is automated and can carry out a range of operations it means that less people will be employed and items will be produced faster.  

Prototypes can be manufactured quickly for testing before main production. New products can be brought out quickly with a time saving of almost 35% over conventional methods.

Computer controlled machines are versatile and different products can be made on them by merely changing the operating instructions.

Computer controlled machines do not suffer from human errors if programmed correctly for the job. This results in fewer faulty items and lower production costs.

Computer controlled machines can be programmed to take into account the properties of the material being worked on by varying  spindle speed and direction, coolant, tool changing, and many other functions. This gives great flexibility to the machine and intricate components can be produced to a high specification.

Efficient use of the machines leads to less breakages of cutting tools leading to lower production costs.  

The internet gives access to the most up-to-date design and product information quickly and easily allowing collaboration between all parties involved.   .

Higher initial set up costs in purchasing computers, Computer controlled machines, programs and training operators are high.

Obviously to make lots of products will require lots of machines. This can be a major drawback if the machines are not used to their optimum

Computer controlled might be an advantage to the manufacturer and consumer but it leads to higher unemployment in the general labour market.

Computer controlled machine require constant supervision and maintenance to ensure peak performance.

Their programs can be sabotaged and need surveillance.