Batch Production

How it is carried out

Advantages and Requirements


It is a production system in which a small number of identical  products are manufactured in groups called batches.   



The work involved in making the product is divided into different processes.

 A production line is set up where each operation is completed on a number of units before they are passed on to the next stage of production.

 In your GCSE project it is a requirement that the item you design and make should be able to be batch produced.

 If for example 50 of your chosen design, a bedside cabinet had to be made (assuming that your prototype was successful) could it be put through a production system in which the work could be broken into a number of operations where one group could be cutting out shelves, another the sides, another group could be making the tops of your unit and so on. If one group has finished its work, it could take up some other work in the production or join another group that is still finishing its work.

To ensure accuracy in making the parts machines would have to be set up to cut to the correct lengths and widths. Any fixtures and fittings would require jigs to locate them etc.


After initial setting companies specializing in batch production have the flexibility to produce a range of goods in their area of operation and can respond  to market demands quickly.

 As manufacture is in a focused area, employees need to be skilled and yet flexible enough to switch to other types of work  in the production system.

  Equipment and employees need to be effectively occupied to reduce overall costs.

 An example   if you owned a Joinery outlet and you were asked to produce a 40 desks for a school and you had the right type of equipment and manpower  in place you could undertake this type of work .

 If in the following week you  got an order for 12 staircases your company could also undertake this work because you have a versatile workforce and equipment.

 Fulfilling a subsequent order for 35 Kitchen units too wouldn’t be difficult because you specialize in a range of products in this field of joinery.


It is possible that employees would be undertaking work for the different projects at the same time so that they and the equipment at the workshop is being used to the optimum