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WBP ~ Weather and Boil Proof


BR ~ Boil Resistance


MR ~ Moisture Resistance


INT ~ Internal only


For restoration work, veneering and other applications where compatibility with original artefacts is needed.




scotch glue Used extensively in the musical instrument industries.  It is for internal use only and has high gap filling properties.

Fish glue

General joinery and woodwork use





It may stain some hardwoods and oak is particularly prone to darken. Developed in WW2 for the manufacture of the Mosquito plane which was largely made of fabricated plywood panels.  

Where great strength is required, durable and water resistant. for heavy structural work and quality plywood. 

Phenol formaldehyde (PH)




Outstanding durability qualities under the severest weather conditions and mainly for external construction work.  

Resorcinol formaldehyde (RF) Decorative work is not possible because it has a dark glue line. 




Laminating, fabricating and veneering when large presses or good cramping  facilities are available. 


Urea formaldehyde (UF) 



Hard decorative plastic laminates



Melamine formaldehyde (MF)


Good general purpose woodwork adhesive for indoor use only.  




Polyvinyl acetate (PVA).  

Where a strong initial tack with fast setting is needed to help reduce the clamping time.  




Aliphatic resin glues (Yellow Glue) Possible has an upper hand on PVA especially for the brown hardwoods. Offers excellent 'sand ability' and is unaffected by finishes.  

For multi-purpose applications especially for metal, plastic, ceramics and other porous or non-porous materials



Polyurethane Although it foams up it does not expand or contract in the glue line.   



For bonding plastic laminates, sheet flooring and other fabrics, etc.  to wood or other materials.  





 ( natural and synthetic rubber)

For 'tacking' jobs such as upholstery, and packaging etc.  specially smaller components. 




Hot Melts - ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)

For bonding on many different types of materials.  




Epoxy Resins

 Joining of wood, metals, plastics and elastomers. The variety of materials requiring adhesion in the world of model making, prototyping, development and manufacturing



Cyanoacrylate Adhesives