Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)


Description: Large evergreen and only native British Pine.


Where found: Found from Spain to Siberia.


Uses past & present: Strong general purpose timber.


Uses of wood - Preservatives are effective on this wood hence suitable for outdoors. Used for fencing, joinery, building, flooring, box and packing case manufacture, railway sleepers, pitwood, fibreboard, chipboard, and telegraph poles. Referred to by the timber trade as "redwood" or "deal".


Food and drink -

The needles yield a medicinal oil also pitch, tars, resin and turpentine obtained from

the wood.



The Palm and the Pine

From the German of Heine.


In the far North stands a Pine-tree, lone,

Upon a wintry height;

It sleeps: around it snows have thrown

A covering of white.

It dreams forever of a Palm

That, far i' the Morning-land,

Stands silent in a most sad calm

Midst of the burning sand.


Point Lookout Prison, 1864.



Lanier's poem: The Palm and the Pine