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PVC , a thermoplastic is available in 2 general forms, ie as a  dense tough rubbery thermoplastic (Rigid Pvc) or as a flexible relatively soft material (Plasticised Pvc). Rigid Pvc is available in clear or coloured forms such as foam, rods, tubes and sheet. It is also available in the shapes of different building materials. It is durable, weatherproof, flame resistant with good overall mechanical properties. It is toxic if burnt. It can be

                                   vacuum formed

                                   injection moulded

                                   extruded (  http://www.me.gatech.edu/jonathan.colton/me4210/extrusion.wmv  )



Rigid PVC is used in many industries.


Building:  PVCu Soffits, Fascia, Guttering, Roofing, Cladding, Replacement Windows

Cladding                Guttering                      Fascias                 Soffits


Electrical engineering: Insulation pipes, acoustic panels, electricity distribution boxes, telephone housings, transparent distributor box housings, plug housings, sound carrier sheet, battery terminals.


Mechanical engineering: Pressure pipes, ventilation ducts, thermostat housings, fittings, pipe connections, claddings, ventilators.


Packaging: Disposable pots, spice and cream containers, ball point pen cases, oil and beverage bottles.






Plasticised PVC (Soft)


Electrical engineering: Cable and wire insulation, plugs, cable jackets, sockets, cable heads and distributors.


Mechanical engineering: Gaskets, stuffing boxes, pipes, hoses, coatings, and protective caps for pipes.


Building: Seals for windows and doors, swimming bath linings, floor coverings, doorstops, garden hoses, wire coverings.


Others: Shoe soles, divers masks, car body seals, ski sunglasses, toys, tablecloths, boots, cases. cling film, inflatable dinghies, balls, handbags, book covers, office equipment.