Kevlar  is a man-made material polymer that has high strength and good ductility. It's ductility helps aborbs energy when the fibre is deformed. Weight for weight , it is is five times stronger than steel,. Kevlar is very heat resistant and decomposes above 400 C without melting. Kevlar can be woven into  rope and cloth and when impregnated with resins and other fibres it can be used in  protective garments such as bullet proof vests. It is also used for composite aircraft construction and as a replacement for steel cords in car tyres, in fire suits as an asbestos replacement.    








          kevlar fibres

  microscopic view of fibres

Kevlar cloth.

microscopic view of Kevlar cloth.

 Typical Kevlar based products.



The kevlar vest for the military's   is made of tough, dense  fiber interwoven between plates of nylon and ceramic fabric. The carrier is usually insulated foam designed for further protection Kevlar Vestagainst stab strikes.  



                        Military Surplus Kevlar Helmet with Camo Cover                              Helmet Shot with 9 mm

         The Helmet shown on the right has been shot at with a  9 mm FMJ at 2 yards (2 meters) ZERO PENETRATION


 other products made from kevlar 

 Full Kevlar Gloves

Akona Full Kevlar Gloves     


The Akona AKFG-702 Full Kevlar Glove is a unique product for the diver that needs real protection while diving.  This entire glove is made from ArmorTex Kevlar, the toughest fabric available for this application.  The Akona Full Kevlar Glove provides protection from stings, cuts, and scrapes encountered on rigorous dives.  No other glove provides protection from the dreaded Sea Urchin, but this one sure does.  If you want real protection, the Akona Full Kevlar Glove is the one for you.

  Important Information:  Fashioning glove from real Kevlar is extremely difficult.  The fabric in these glove contains a great deal of "sizing" compound, resulting in an extremely stiff glove before use.  After submersion in the water, the sizing compounds are washed away and the glove gets considerable more supple.  The glove will also expand in size slightly with use.


view of Black Kevlar Shirt


Black Pure Kevlar K-Shirt

The Draggin' kevlar shirt provides great abrasion protection for the upper torso and features a round crew neck collar, long sleeves with velcro cuffs to secure them in place.

To ensure the kevlar shirt stays tucked in, extra length is provided through the back section.

The soft, lightweight material ensures comfort and breathability while looking like a normal long-sleeved shirt. Our shirt will give that added protection.

A long-sleeved shirt made completely from Kevlar!